Everyday they pass by. The innocent, shallow people unaware of the pain and sorrow of this world. Unaware unless it effects their daily routine.
Everyone has a routine. Everyone has a story, a pattern they follow without thinking. They never think unless the pattern is disturbed. The pattern is never disturbed unless someone intercedes.
Everyday they walk. They walk by the hurting, the broken, and never turn back. They’re blind to the bad; their minds repress the evil. Like a racehorse focused with its blinders, they walk straight, fixated on the familiar pattern of their secure path, never letting the world stray them from what feels like home.
They never let living distract them from their lives.


3 thoughts on “Blind

  1. Wow, I love and hate this simultaneously. The writing is lovely, haunting truth. But I hate that it’s truth. Some very thought provoking words here, sister. It’s all too simple to get caught up in our own lives and routines without concern for things outside our little realm of life. I’m glad there are awesome people like you around to challenge that norm. “They never let living distract them from their lives.” – this is something I have been working to avoid. Love your insights–and your insides–or something. (I had to end on a weird note, I am me, after all.)

  2. Whew! I’m super self conscious about my spleen. I’m quite relieved to hear that it has warranted your fondness. Sorry I doubted your awesome qualities, spleen.

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